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Our extensive and continual product research, exhaustive field testing, and decades of experience in solar energy and battery storage means that we know exactly what quality, robust and fit-for-purpose renewable power infrastructure should look like. 

Customer Service

The approachable and attentive Apex Energy project management team is your single point of contact for all communications. This continuity of communications reduces time, minimises stress, and results in a better overall project experience.


We individually tailor and customise our projects to suit your energy requirements. From the initial solution concepts and detailed CAD drafting to equipment procurement and manufacturing, we take care of it all.


We have human and technical resources permanently located in Adelaide and the Cooper Basin. As a result, we can swiftly mobilise equipment and ensure our projects are delivered safely, efficiently, on time and on budget.

As a business with 50% indigenous ownership, Apex Energy Australia is uniquely positioned as a catalyst for growth as your procurement team unlocks the potential and value of including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses in your supply chain.

Supply Nation is Australia’s leading database of verified Indigenous businesses, supporting suppliers and clients to find mutually benefiting relationships and grow networks.

New Energy Tech approved seller
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Triple Certified

We are proud to be ISO accredited for Quality, Safety, and the Environment. These certifications are an independent verification of Apex Energy’s quality and safety focus culture.

Gaining and maintaining these certifications requires an ongoing commitment to delivering industry best practices, something all staff are responsible for. 


Builders Licence

Electrical Contractors Licence

“Apex enjoys steady and sustainable growth since our inception. Much of this can be credited to our company philosophy of always thinking beyond the short-term achievements, and focusing on the long-term goals of our company and our clients.”

– Paul Stallan, Apex Founder & Director

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