BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)

Apex Energy SA Water BESS

Our flagship solar and energy storage solution is the Apex Energy BESS, our state-of-the-art containerised battery energy storage unit. 

Modular, scalable and easily deployed across a range of markets and applications, BESS is available in 10ft, 20ft, or 40ft container sizes, fully assembled and tested, and ready for onsite commissioning.

Key features include:

Up to MWh’s of energy storage capacity

MWp Solar PV input capacity, HV or LV

MW PCS Capacity with HV Transformer integrations

Suitable for a wide range of applications including:

    • Generator based Microgrids
    • Emergency backup power
    • Energy stabilisation
    • Energy shifting
    • Load shaving and frequency response.

Why choose an Apex Energy BESS?

Reliable and convenient

BESS units are fully FAT tested before deployment and designed to be ‘plug and play’ ensuring swift installation and providing peace of mind for our customers.

Australian built

The BESS generally comprise all Australian-made inverters, batteries, and auxiliary components, tailored to meet your project needs.

For Australian conditions

Fully insulated, temperature-controlled and designed to survive the harsh Australian conditions; our BESS and teams have a proven track record of successfully deploying BESS units in remote outback Australia.


Incorporate Apex BESS with existing or new solar PV to provide an integrated renewable energy management solution. These comprehensive solar power systems can be sized to meet your needs and are expandable to enable the addition of further storage to meet future demand.


Take control of your energy management with our monitoring portal enabling you to keep an eye on multiple systems from a single location.


Designed to be modular and redeployable (10 ft, 20ft and 40ft containers) to enable ease of installation across Australia and swift relocation as your operational needs change.

Inside a Battery Energy Storage System

Want to know what goes into an Apex Energy Off-Grid BESS system? Watch this short video walking you through one of our 40F containerised Off-Grid solar and battery systems.

Contact us today to learn how a BESS solution can work for you.