Our teams are available to assist third party suppliers and EPC contractors with the roll-out of large solar and battery projects across South Australia.  Our expert technical team can also be engaged to build or develop bespoke projects or solutions required by large organisations.

We provide your clients with the same care, respect and installation quality that we ensure for our own customers.


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Renewable power systems, just like any other piece of critical infrastructure, require regular checks and proactive maintenance. BESS solutions can be placed under a standard servicing package, which includes regularly inspecting systems for potential issues. Not only does this provide the reassurance that your system is working to optimum levels, but that it is less likely to fail right when you need it most.

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Remote Monitoring

Due to the distances and remote location of many solar energy projects, visiting sites that are experiencing issues can be expensive and time-consuming. But thanks to our state-of-the-art, precision data capture and analysis, we can solve most problems swiftly and cost-effectively. 

The Apex Energy remote monitoring package actively monitors and notifies clients of any anomalies with system performance and issues – often before the client even realises it – giving you better performance and greater peace-of-mind.

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