Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

For many rural and semi-rural properties, connecting to the electricity network is cost-prohibitive or entirely not feasible. Apex Energy domestic off-grid solar power and energy storage system are dependable and cost-effective electricity solution. These power systems are suitable for a range of electricity requirements, from tiny homes to large domestic residences and everything in between. 

The peace of mind of your electricity supply is of the utmost importance. 

Off-Grid Diagram

How an Off-Grid System Works

1 – Solar Array – Captures the suns energy

2 – Solar Inverter OR MPPT Solar Charge Controller –

Converts the Solar Array energy into usable electrical power for your home or stored in the battery bank

3 – Battery Inverter/Charger – Charges the battery bank when excess energy is available or discharges the battery bank to power your home

4 – Battery storage – Stores solar energy during the daytime for use at night time

5 – System switchboard – The area for electrical connections, electrical safety protections and user control

6 – Your Home – Where electricity is being consumed

7 – Communications – Access system information locally and remotely

8 – Backup energy source – For times of temporary increased consumption or poor weather conditions

State-of-the-art system

Apex Energy fully appreciates how important it is for any home to have constant, year-round electricity that doesn’t harm the environment.

It’s not just about keeping the lights on, but also protecting food in the freezer, having access to phones and internet, keeping water pumps functioning, and doing more for the planet.

Reliable power supply

Through all of Australia’s dramatic weather conditions, you require a fully integrated energy supply and storage system. 

At Apex Energy, we offer a complete package – from initial installation to ongoing service – to ensure your home power system delivers reliable electricity and constant peace of mind.

Important steps to consider

This first step should not be underestimated and is very important to your system’s future outcome. The detailed and accurate calculation of the electrical loads in a home forms the foundation for all the decisions that follow. Our CEC accredited off-grid designers thoroughly review your electricity demand and evaluate how appliances are likely to be used, homeowner lifestyle factors and environmental considerations. This ensures the off-grid system foundations are rock solid.

Solar equipment is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle; each part must be compatible, compliant, and work together harmoniously. Carefully calculating the correct PV array size, the inverter capacity, and matching a battery bank include several underlying considerations: peak discharge and charge capacity, heat tolerances, and environmental factors. We ensure there is power every day and every night, seven days a week, 365 days a year, no matter your location. 

Precise design and high-quality components are essential for a dependable power supply, but if the people installing and commissioning this equipment lack the proper off-grid electrical knowledge, your investment will be compromised. Thankfully, the Apex Energy installation team has decades of experience in stand-alone power systems installation, and we continue to build on this knowledge. We know it is our responsibility to deliver a safe and reliable electricity supply and take this seriously. 

A monitoring system enables both the homeowner and ourselves to keep an eye on system performance. Remote monitoring provides you with peace of mind that your energy investment is doing everything it should be. When selecting an off-grid provider, it is important to understand you will be connected to this company or person for many years to come. If you require support, our service team is only a phone call or email away and available in the unlikely event we are needed.

What our customers are saying…

Off-grid and grid-connected renewable energy systems may sound similar. However, they’re very different and require different expertise, accreditations, knowledge and products.

Apex Energy has the in-house know-how, experience and capabilities to design, supply and install both, to the highest standards.

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