Residential Grid-Connected Solar Systems

Our specialist technicians can install and maintain the optimum grid-connected solar system for your home, whether you’re looking for photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on the roof, a cost-effective electric vehicle charge-point, or an integrated battery storage system.

Apex Energy designs award-winning household solar and battery energy solutions to reduce your electricity costs and carbon footprint. Maximise your roof space and put it to work, reducing your cost of living expenses and contributing to a greener, cleaner and more sustainable energy system.

The Apex advantage

Industry leading advice

Firstly, we start with industry-leading advice and guidance to help you decide on the best technologies for your needs. Talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable solar consultants how PV can be tailored to your requirements.

Design process

Secondly, we take you through the design and installation process. Understanding your specific site requirements, understanding your power bills and time of use and matching the perfect solar system to your home, budget and power usage. We look after all the required paperwork, including distributor, retailer, rebate application and council applications. All this is included in your upfront price!


Next, our highly skilled and qualified electricians and installers commission your quality solar energy system, using only trusted brand-name equipment and components with the knowledge that comes from years of experience and constant learning.

Long-term support

Finally… well there is no ‘finally’. We’re with you for the long-term, and whenever you need us.

apex grid connected solar panels

Green energy

With the cost of solar panels falling significantly, many homeowners are now enjoying a return on their investment after just two or three years.

You can even increase the long-term savings by pairing your solar panels system with battery storage for even greater supply reliability all year round.

Battery ready

Thanks to government rebates, that are widely available for battery installations, the cost of adding battery storage to your renewable energy mix has now become an affordable option.

In addition, installing a ‘hybrid inverter’ (battery ready) at the same time as your new solar system can dramatically reduce the cost of installing a battery in years to come.

Visit the South Australian Home Battery Scheme Virtual Power Plant (VPP) page for more information.

Residential Charging Stations

Apex Energy EV charging units can be fitted in your home or garage to maximise the solar self-consumption from your system. Charge your car from the solar on your roof! Our qualified team will mount the charging station to your wall so you can ‘plug and play’ and clever system smarts optimise excess solar into your EV’s battery rather than using the grid. Learn more about EV charging solutions here.

What our customers are saying…

Off-grid and grid-connected renewable energy systems may sound similar. However, they’re very different and require different expertise, accreditations, knowledge and products.

Apex Energy has the in-house know-how, experience and capabilities to design, supply and install both, to the highest standards.

We’d like to know more about your energy needs.

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