Loganlee – Wagyu direct from the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia

Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia

Environmental Livestock barn and finishing shed, including grain milling, silage, irrigation and plant controls

BESS System Power and Storage Capacity

  • PV: 83.6kWp Solar Canopy
  • Battery storage: 68.4kWh PowerPlus lithium capacity
  • Inverter/Charger: 22.5kW, 3Phase Selectronic SP Pro
  • 60kVA Autostart backup genset

Project Summary

LoganLee Wagyu Beef sought a sustainable, carbon-neutral energy solution for its cattle barn, which didn’t have access to grid power. In collaboration with Specialised Solutions, Apex Energy Australia provided an innovative off-grid renewable energy system that includes a custom-designed solar canopy. This system significantly reduces LoganLee’s carbon footprint and ensures energy independence and reliability.

Apex Energy Solution

The off-grid system, designed to handle an average daily load of approximately 383kWh in summer and 222kWh in winter, comprises the following components:

  • 152 x 550W solar panels and custom-designed canopy framing system provided by Specialised Solutions, a total of 83.6kWp PV array.
  • 18 x POWERPLUS LiFe4838P 4kWh lithium battery modules, totaling 68kWh, housed in 3 POWERPLUS PIR18C battery cabinets.
  • 3 x SELECTRONIC 7.5kW 48V inverter/chargers (SPMC482) for efficient energy conversion and storage management.
  • 3 x FRONIUS Symo SCERT 3-phase solar inverters (SYMO 10-0-3-M)
  • 4 x VICTRON ENERGY 450/200 MPPT solar charge controllers
  • 1 x 60kVA autostart 3-phase generator ensuring backup power during PV shortfall events.
  • SELECTRONIC monitoring system (Select.live) for real-time performance tracking and system optimization.
  • AC and DC switchboards with necessary isolators, circuit-breakers, and disconnect switches for safe and efficient power distribution.
  • Integration and programming of all equipment, along with comprehensive documentation, including CAD engineering drawings, layouts, and a SAT.

Apex Energy Australia managed the installation of the solar array, battery systems, and control equipment. The system’s operation prioritizes solar energy consumption during daylight hours, supplemented by battery energy to meet peak power demands. The generator provides automatic support when energy demand exceeds renewable energy availability.

The use of HOMER software for system modelling and simulation ensured optimal equipment selection and system design. The system delivers peak power consumption requirements (43kW), maintaining a reliable energy supply for LoganLee Wagyu Beef’s operations.

BESS Benefits

  • Reduction in operational costs and carbon footprint.
  • Reliable and sustainable energy supply for the cattle barn
  • Independence from grid power, enhancing energy security.

LoganLee Wagyu Beef’s off-grid renewable energy system is a testament to the successful collaboration between Apex Energy Australia and Specialised Solutions. This project highlights the potential for sustainable energy solutions to achieve carbon neutrality in agricultural applications, paving the way for a greener future.

For more information about our projects and services, explore our website. For custom framing solutions, visit Smart Furniture, Renewable Energy Structures | Specialised Solutions (specsolutions.com.au) and for amazing Wagyu beef, Home Grown Fleurieu Peninsula Wagyu Beef | Loganlee Wagyu

Our BESS system provided Loganlee with ongoing savings. The reduction in ongoing maintenance and delivery of fuel sources saved time and expenses.

The safe work culture at Apex Energy means that all our projects are installed and set up to the highest standards possible. Our attention to detail and care helped reduce the safety risk exposure to maintenance operation staff.

Our BESS solutions can be provided in a fully self-contained enclosure (e.g. 20F Container), or in this instance, adapted to fit within a client provided equipment room.

Furthermore, Apex Energy is certified under the strict ISO compliance system for safety, environmental, and quality systems.