Dispatchable BESS

South Eastern Australia

Mobile Communication site power supply and backup


  • Integrated and retractable PV: 4.1kW
  • PV Inverter: Fronius SCERT 5kW Symo
  • Battery storage: 24kWh
  • Inverter: 15kW, 3Phase
  • Generator: 20kVA 3Phase

Project summary

Apex Energy was approached by a national contractor to the communications sector to assist with energy and storage solutions for their client.  The requirement was for the design and manufacture of a replicable, easily deployable battery energy storage system with integrated solar that could be commissioned at a site with minimal fuss.

The contractor wanted to utilise their local teams for the connection and commissioning of the BESS, minimising the expense of dedicated personnel travelling long distances for commissioning.


Project overview

Apex consulted extensively with the client ensuring the full scope of the project requirements were understood.  This enabled a detailed solution to be tailored to the site needs and requested features integrated.

The installation sites had several critical requirements such as:

  • Maintaining electricity reliability and equipment performance at 40-degree temperatures.
  • The ability for rapid transportation to sites.
  • Simple mobilisation and setup, enabling a fast connection to an alternative power source.
  • Clear documentation that enables secondary teams to complete commissioning.
  • Equipment needs to be deployed and demobilised without leaving a footprint.


Apex solution

The BESS solution is Apex Energy’s state-of-the-art containerised battery energy storage unit that was adapted to deliver the requirements and features required by the client.

  • Retractable PV arrays fixed to container enabling swift energising of the PV array to begin providing energy.
  • Backup generator fitted and installed (free issued by client), automatically controlled with adjustable triggers.
  • Rapid access 3phase AC connection sockets externally located on the container
  • Suitable for a wide range of mobile communications applications including off-grid, emergency backup power, energy stabilisation and frequency response.
  • Designed to be ‘plug and play’, BESS ensures swift installation and provides peace of mind. Apex Energy monitoring portal helps customers to keep an eye on multiple systems from a single location.
  • Fitted with high R rating insulation and active cooling, BESS ensures the sensitive electrical and battery equipment remains safe while operating at high temperatures.


Apex benefits

This BESS system provided the client with an energy solution that provides rapid power delivery to remote sites with the ability to leave a renewable power source connected for an extended period of time.

The integration of a PV array, as well as a backup generator, means the fuel consumption is greatly reduced when providing critical power to remote sites. This saves fuel, improves generator efficiency as well as the expense and hassle of continuously refuelling generators that operate 24/7 at poor efficiency.

Our permanently based resources at Apex’s national workshop in Melrose Park managed the procurement, detailed design, assembly, FAT and documentation. This central coordination location results in efficient communication, project management and speedy production and delivery.

Furthermore, Apex Energy is certified under the strict ISO compliance system for safety, environmental, and quality systems. These independently certified systems meet the client’s strict compliance requirements.