Cooper Basin, South Australia

Diesel Replacement


  • PV: 90-120kW
  • Battery storage: 100-200kWh
  • Inverter: 22.5kW, 3Phase

Project summary

Proudly Australian, AGL is a leading integrated essential service provider, with a proud 184-year history of innovation and a passionate belief in progress – human and technological.

They deliver 3.95 million gas, electricity, and telecommunications services to residential, small, and large businesses, and wholesale customers across Australia.

They operate Australia’s largest electricity generation portfolio, with an operating generation capacity of 11,208 MW, which accounts for approximately 20% of the total generation capacity within Australia’s National Electricity Market.

AGL’s power generation portfolio is diverse and includes a base, peaking, and intermediate generation plants spread across traditional thermal generation, natural gas, oil and storage, and renewable energy sources; from hydro to wind and solar.


Project overview

AGL engaged Apex Energy to develop, design and commission a cost-effective renewable energy solution for a remote oil and gas infrastructure in remote South Australia.

Remote installation sites have several critical requirements like:

  • Maintaining electricity reliability and equipment performance in high dust zones and 50-degree temperatures.
  • Maintaining equipment and component life expectancy.
  • Equipment needs to be deployed and demobilised without leaving a footprint.
  • Installation and commissioning need to follow strict safety, environmental, and quality regulations and compliance.
  • Access and mobilisation of human and equipment resources to remote sites.


Apex solution

The BESS solution is Apex Energy’s state-of-the-art containerised battery energy storage unit.

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications including off-grid, emergency backup power, energy stabilisation, energy shifting, load shaving, and frequency response.
  • Designed to be ‘plug and play’, BESS ensures swift installation and provides peace of mind. Apex Energy monitoring portal helps customers to keep an eye on multiple systems from a single location.
  • The system has minimal single points of failure and can still perform if there are errors or issues within parts of the system. This means that power uptime is increased and the need for rapid servicing should arise is reduced.
  • Fitted with high R rating insulation and active cooling, BESS ensures the sensitive electrical and battery equipment remains safe while operating at high temperatures.


Apex benefits

Our BESS system provided AGL with ongoing savings. The reduction in ongoing maintenance and delivery of fuel sources saved time and expenses.

The safe work culture at Apex Energy means that all our projects are installed and set up to the highest standards possible. Our attention to detail and care helped reduce the safety risk exposure to maintenance operation staff.

Our permanently based resources in the Cooper Basin meant that we didn’t have to freight equipment and tools to and from the remote locations, these were already on-hand for our installation team to utilise.

Furthermore, Apex Energy is certified under the strict ISO compliance system for safety, environmental, and quality systems. These independently certified systems meet AGL’s strict compliance requirements.