EV (Electric Vehicle) Connect

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We are the leading professionals in electric vehicle charging solutions.

Offering tailored, end-to-end solutions for both the residential and commercial sectors, Apex Energy provide the highest quality electric vehicle car chargers.

From wall-mounted charging units in your home to pre-paid charging stations for shopping centres and corporate buildings. Our easy-to-use EV chargers will charge any Australian electric car quickly and safely, leaving owners rest assured their car is ready to drive away.

Get in touch with our qualified team of experts to find the EV charging solution that is right for you.

Key features include:


Universal compatibility

Charging speeds of 3kW, 7kW, 11kW and 22kW

Wall-mounted or portable floor stands

Installation, maintenance and repairs

Apex Energy EV Charger Solutions

Residential Charging Stations

Apex Energy EV charging units can be fitted in your home or garage. Our qualified team will mount the charging station to your wall so you can ‘plug and play’.

Commercial Charging Stations

The Apex Energy EV charging stations can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted in any commercial location. From shopping centres to corporate buildings, our specialist team of electricians will deploy the charging stations so your team can plug it in and walk away. 

Qualified Electricians

The Apex Energy EV charging stations are installed, repaired and managed by a highly trained team of specialist electricians who will always make sure our customers have the best solution for their electric car.  

Contact us today to find an EV charging solution that will work for you.