Power Networks

With the rising cost of infrastructure maintenance, especially in rural areas, smart utility companies are turning to off-grid solutions to provide reliable electricity to remote properties – replacing ageing and costly grid infrastructure.

Convenient solutions for out-of-the-way locations

Apex Energy’s flagship BESS units, and our tailored solar and battery systems can offer the ideal solution for network adaptation sites, while still meeting utility-specific requirements such as network protection, remote control, monitoring and more. 

Our renewable energy operations can be adapted to fulfil critical needs of new and existing electricity networks, and assist electricity providers in increasing uptime, reliability, and redundancy, while at the same time lowering network costs.

The end of the line for traditional networks

In many cases, where a long electricity line services just a small number of properties, it is now more cost-effective for an electricity utility to service these homes with a new, stand-alone Apex Energy off-grid solar and battery solution. Our rural and remote region solar energy systems means no more expensive upgrades or maintenance to deteriorating electricity lines and poles.


Apex Energy’s BESS containerised solutions include:

  • FCAS balancing
  • Voltage stabilisation
  • Renewable energy shifting
  • Smart grid technologies
  • SWER line support
  • Off-grid replacement power supply.
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