Mining operations have a vast range of electricity needs – from small remote monitoring units to powering large site camps. The challenges and costs of meeting electricity requirements in remote locations and challenging environments from diesel generators or remote power grids are becoming less financially viable.

A system for the future

Fortunately, Apex has the solution. Our many years of expertise in designing, manufacturing, and implementing solar and battery infrastructure for the mining industry, combined with the ever-increasing efficiencies in renewable energy generation, allows us to tailor a system to meet your needs now, and into the future.

Harnessing a free and endless resource

The evolution of renewable energy generators, in particular, solar energy combined with battery storage, opens up new opportunities in power generation and supply that are not only highly cost-effective, but also improve site self-sufficiency and environmental outcomes.

Experience and expertise

Apex Energy has a proud track record for providing reliable, sustainable power to remote and isolated locations. Our flagship BESS unit can be installed at new sites, or employed as a drop-in replacement for existing electrical supply systems. This leading-edge technology can be adapted to meet the mining industry’s unique electricity needs, such as:

  • Remote Camps
  • Communications equipment
  • Pumping stations
  • Water purification
  • Accommodation blocks
  • Ablution blocks

…and almost any other power requirement across the mining spectrum.

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