Access to reliable, robust, dispatchable and silent power solutions is essential for our critical defence sites and equipment, and Apex Energy has the know-how and solutions to deliver it.

Swift, silent and effective

Capable of being commissioned rapidly and mobilised with speed, our solar energy generation and storage systems are designed to provide power-supply certainty without the ongoing need for fuel deliveries, or the irritation of constant noise pollution.

With our off-grid, drop-in BESS unit, Apex can quickly provide static defence sites with continual and dependable power supply.

Standards and expectations

Apex Energy’s quality and system components are manufactured to ISO standards and defence industry compliance requirements to ensure projects are always delivered to defence level standards.


Off-Grid power solutions can be designed to meet a range of defence needs, and all our dealings are kept strictly confidential, and even then, we can supply tailored systems to meet specifications, without needing to know the intended end-use.

Apex Energy’s solutions are suitable for:

  • Barracks and accommodation blocks
  • Ablution blocks
  • Ammunition and equipment stores
  • Communications networks
  • Remote sites and training locations

…and a wide range of temporary or new operations.

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