Reliable and effective communications systems are vital in today’s connected society. Mobile phone networks rely on towers; terrestrial systems require exchanges; and internet providers need servers – and they all demand consistent, 24/7 power supply.

We know the industry

Each of these applications has its unique electricity requirements. For example, support emergency backup power, provide electricity access where there is none, and reduce down-time and operating costs.

Apex Energy is uniquely placed to service the power supply needs of the sector and bring over 20 years’ experience in the field.

Partners in powering communications

Apex Energy works closely with Apex Communications Technologies – our sister business and one of Adelaide’s most respected communications service firms – to share vital information on industry best practices.

Our close collaboration results in an efficient workflow and project interaction. What’s more, when communications and energy projects are combined, clients can benefit from a single point of contact.

Experience and expertise

Apex Energy and Apex Communications Technologies have completed projects for numerous companies over the decades, providing us with a wealth of experience in this space.

The Apex companies are registered with Telstra, Optus, TPG Vodafone and other major industry procurement systems, and meet all necessary accreditation and compliance requirements needed to work in this sector.

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